Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chucky Cheese's & Tinkerbell

So yep we have had a few parties for the little birthday girl. The first one was thrown by Auntie Jessica (Nick's Sister) She always throws the kids these amazing parties. I keep telling her that she is going to go crazy trying to keep it up as I have more kids! It was a great party and Xander and Kynlee have not stopped taking about it. In fact Xander says that Chucky Cheese's was at Primary with him on Sunday. Interesting.

The next party was with my family and we dressed her up as her favorite character, Tinkerbell. I really wanted to make her a cool cake. So after a little prep and a lot of money I dove in and made my first big birthday cake by myself! I learned alot of what not to do. Maybe next year I will let Walmart make it again.

Happy Birthday Kyner Kyn's

Kynlee McKay turns 2~

My little baby turned 2 yesterday. I really hate that she is growing up so quickly! I wish that she would stay my sweet little momma's girl forever! Here are a few images of her when she was a newborn.
I love you so much Kynlee! You will always be my little girl!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Holy Cow!!!

Ok so time flies! I have been taking lots of pictures and PROMISE to do better at posting this month of MAY. Holy, where the heck did the last 5 months go?

To my loving friends and family....I really will do better!

Love you all and see you tomorrow!!!