Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Best News Ever!

Well very early last Friday morning we drove to EIRMC to have Kynlee's penny removed. She was in a great mood.

We got her checked in and changed into the littlest hospital gown you have ever seen. While we waited Kyn played peekaboo under the curtain to her room.

I love this picture. She looks so pretty!

We waited and waited and waited and waited. Seemed like forever! Trying to keep a 1 year old and a two year old busy in a hospital is insaine. Mom and dad came up to help with Xander and to give us some moral support.

Here is Kylee's plumber crack! :) Walking around with Xan and Grandma

Starting to get tired
Standing with Grandpa McKinlay
Grandpa and Daddy Nick
Finally Xray came and took one last picture to make sure the penny was still in her stomach after 6 days. None of us really had the faith that it would pass on it's own. After being in the stomach that long it was just too big.....Only aunt Abby had the faith and fasted for Kynlee that it would come out on it's own.
And it did! The Xray showed that in less than 12 hours it had passed thru her stomach and was making it's way to the exit. We were SO relieved. Honestly it couldn't have come out any better!

Of course we had to celebrate by going to Perkins! Thanks Dad! And thanks Aunt Abby!!!
P.S. At about 5pm that same day one of THE most EXPENSIVE pennys made its grand entrance or exit...It will be scrapbooked!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Penny Day 5

Well not the results we were hoping for. Kynlee is scheduled for surgery at 6:30 in the morning. They are going to scope it in Idaho Falls and hopefully fish it out.

The hard part will be not feeding her milk after midnight or anything after 4.
Wish me luck!

Still Waiting!

So after a long Sunday evening at mom and dads we had just gotten home and I hear Kynlee choking. It was a moment I never want to have to experience again. I ran over and tried to "sweep" her mouth and get whatever it was out. I felt something hard and flat, I figured it was a coin but I wasn't for sure.

I called for Nick and he ran down and tried to get it out again and he couldn't feel anything. She was still choking. I remember hearing that as long as they are breathing they will probably cough it up themselves but I couldn't just sit there and do nothing.....I called my dad. He obviously couldn't be much help when he wasn't there....he just told me that if she stopped breathing to give her the Heimlich and call 911. Then they said they were on the way.

Shortly after I hung up she must have swallowed it cause she was all smiles and Xander kept saying "see baby happy" She's ok mom.

Well Monday came and we took her into the clinic to see what was really inside of her. Looks to be a penny. It still hasn't made it's "EXIT" yet but I am still waiting and sifting every diaper change. Tomorrow if it still hasn't arrived we will be going in for another xray.

Since Sunday she has fallen off the motorcycle (Xanders), got her head stuck between the stairs and the baby gate, fallen off the coffee table and choked on a potato chip!

I sure hope she makes it to TWO!

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Been a Big week!

My little Kynlee McKay turned 1 on Monday! She is such a sweet little girl who is developing a little feisty personality. I think we have Xander to thank for that one. She has been trying to walk for over a month now but now pretty much has it mastered. She looks like a mini little zombie, but is loosening up now is more like a penguin. We had a Cupcake themed Birthday and it was so cute. Auntie Amber helped me decorate and it looked so cute.
We sang "Happy Birthday" and tried to let her blow it out but Riley beat her to the punch.....3 TIMES!

Today is my dreaded 30th Birthday. I already hate it! I will update this later and add pics!

Have a great FRIDAY!!!