Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Time Flies when you are having fun!
It has been a busy busy couple of months but really that is no excuse to keep my friends and family up to date with our family happenings!
We have so many photos and stories to share! I hope you all notice that I no longer have a 4th of July background for the blog! Yes I said July! I opted for a winter one, although I was more drawn to the Christmas ones. I figure it may just be July again before I get to changing it so I better go with one that can last all winter! And now it it time to change it up again!
With a leap of faith and many prayers to our father in heaven we jumped right in and built the nicest studio this side of Idaho.
With the over whelming success of our first few months it's time to start thinking about a grand opening. Any suggestions as to when? I love that I love my job, my family, and my father in heaven!

Feel free to stop on by! Fun Fun stuff!
Nick is my best friend and partner and I love having him around. We have a new custom frame line called Oooo La La. Stop on in and see them!
Hope you get to see more of me soon. In the mean time here are some random pics of my cute little family!
Love the Jones!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Holy Batman! Xander turns 4!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Presenting Little Miss Sassifrass stinkerdoodle Jones

So my little miss started taking dance classes from Wendy and she Loves it so much! We talk about it all day and have to tell her how many days till dance, as she only has it one day a week. Last week I must have missed the memo that their wouldn't be class that day. You should have seen her face when I reached for the door and she realized that no one was there and she wasn't going to get to dance that day. Chin quiver, crocodile tears and erratic gasps for air. ( she almost had me in tears) So I did what any great mom would do and I drove us straight to Walmart to buy back her love! One my little pony, a bowl of mac-n-cheese, and a nap later, I thought or rather hoped that this incident was long forgotten. No such luck. Well tonight she performed and she did so good! I know I am the momma but she was the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world! AND she is damn good for two :) If I can get this video to work I am so gonna upload it!

Still having problems getting the full video to load....check back soon!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Swim Lessons

So this is the first year that I have ever taken a child to swim lessons. I remember taking them every summer growing up and of course I want my kids to be good swimmers so Xander was finally old enough to go.

He did not want to get in the water. I pratically had to throw him in the first day...and he latched on to a teacher and she had to pack him around the rest of the hour.

The next day I brought my camera and Kynlee. We bought him his "magic" goggles and tada he loved it. We got Kynlee some goggles too. She was SO sad that she wasn't old enough to start swim lessons. It was really hard the first week. She would have done awesome but I didn't want to do the mommy and me class so Kynlee and I just watched.

Here are some of the cute pictures

Xan didn't pass the first session he took but surprisingly they passed him the second time around!

Way to go Xander!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

1st Dance Class

Kynlee took her very first dance class today! It was so cute. She loves to dance and will do a dance to anything. She mimmicks SYTYCD, does the cute dance(when I finish her hair) does the naked dance(when she gets out of the tub). She is always dancing. So I took her to Wendy who said that we could try it once for free but that she doesn't really take two year olds. This little clippet was right after they was cute and then my phone died.

(She is the littlest one doing side kicks instead of front kicks)

She really did pretty dang good and after class I went to ask what they thought. They said that she was welcome back, and that she was one of three that she had taken at age 2 in the 20 years she has taught! SA_WEET! I hope she got the McKinlay dance gene!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Malad on the 4th

So there is something really fun about small towns and traditions on the 4th of July. In Malad everyone and their freakin dog, come home to celebrate with family and old friends! We always go there because that is where Nick is from. We love it!

Great Big Bouncer Fun!!!

So we went to Malad for their famous 4th of July celebration. Amongst all the festivities there was a big jumping thing that you could do for 5$'s.

I didn't think that Xan would do it, let alone Kynlee! They both did it and they had a great time!

More to come on the 4th....STAY TUNED!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Camping at Devils Creek

So the family and I went on a mini camp trip to devils creek. Xander has been super excited to try to catch a fish on his new sponge bob fishing pole and was itching to get his pole in the water. Unfortunatly for him, the fish were not very interested in the rubber "plankton" that came as a weight on the end of his pole, so he didn't catch anything but we had fun none the less.

Nick made us some dutch oven dinner and we had a bunch of friends come up and enjoy the evening with us.

4 mosquito bites, 1 lost tie, tons of potty breaks, 0 fish, and lots of pictures! Success!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ok ok ok!!!

So after an overwhelming request for a family photo I give up and will post one!

Thanks for taking this Heather!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Wow it really is amazing how life just flies by! This weekend my baby sister got married. Look how beautiful my little family is! I love them so much!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chucky Cheese's & Tinkerbell

So yep we have had a few parties for the little birthday girl. The first one was thrown by Auntie Jessica (Nick's Sister) She always throws the kids these amazing parties. I keep telling her that she is going to go crazy trying to keep it up as I have more kids! It was a great party and Xander and Kynlee have not stopped taking about it. In fact Xander says that Chucky Cheese's was at Primary with him on Sunday. Interesting.

The next party was with my family and we dressed her up as her favorite character, Tinkerbell. I really wanted to make her a cool cake. So after a little prep and a lot of money I dove in and made my first big birthday cake by myself! I learned alot of what not to do. Maybe next year I will let Walmart make it again.

Happy Birthday Kyner Kyn's