Saturday, September 27, 2008

My baby is getting so BIG!

Xan is going to be turning 3 on Monday. He is reaching all of these milestones and I just dont want him to grow up! He just got his first big boy hair cut. He has such beautiful thick wavy surfer "Kowabunga" hair that I just could never bring myself to do it. Well this last week I took him to Kristina and we took the plunge. He is beyond horrible when we take him, and his hair grows so fast I figured it was time to go short. He looks so handsome but so grown up!

He also has all of a sudden decieded that he should be potty trained. Yep. Like over night, he went from diapers to big boys without one accident. (Cross your fingers) even through the night.

Sunday we are going to Salt Lake to Auntie Jess's house for his annual Aunt Jess B-day party! It's gonna be fun and I will take lots of pictures.

Till then I will tell you all of my favorite things about Xander Nixon Jones....

  • He always wakes up so happy! "my sun, my sun is awake mommy!"

  • He gives the best kisses ever!

  • He tells me probably 50 times a day that he loves me.

  • He only eats 2 things..... Hot "dotdogs" and Chocolate milk

  • He Loves Legos Starwars

  • When he goes potty he says "Wait. I hear something! I hear potty mommy"

  • When he is not body slamming and karate chopping his sisters face...he really does love her

  • He loves his Daddy...whenever he hears a Harley, any Harley, he runs to the door to see if Nick has gotten home.

We LOVE having Xan in our life! We would never be the same without him!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eastern Idaho State Fair 08

This may just be the last year that our kids will sit in strollers at the fair and we took full advantage of it. Xan actually preferred to be in his stroller, The little lazy kid didn't want to ride the rides either. Good thing we didn't buy him the $30 wrist band that we almost got him. He is only tall enough to ride 6 rides any how.
Easton, River, and Jaxon also came with us to ride the rides.

Kynlee was a bit hesitant on the merry go round but she had fun by the end!

River rode with Xan. He wasn't super happy cause he wanted to ride by himself but being the over protective mother that I am, I wouldn't let him. Maybe next year :)
Kynlee had a great time, although her piggy tails didn't make it past the parking lot.
Xander had decided that he is too big for naps. Guess this one just snuck up on him!

River Mac and Beasty Easty
See ya next year fair!