Thursday, September 10, 2009

Presenting Little Miss Sassifrass stinkerdoodle Jones

So my little miss started taking dance classes from Wendy and she Loves it so much! We talk about it all day and have to tell her how many days till dance, as she only has it one day a week. Last week I must have missed the memo that their wouldn't be class that day. You should have seen her face when I reached for the door and she realized that no one was there and she wasn't going to get to dance that day. Chin quiver, crocodile tears and erratic gasps for air. ( she almost had me in tears) So I did what any great mom would do and I drove us straight to Walmart to buy back her love! One my little pony, a bowl of mac-n-cheese, and a nap later, I thought or rather hoped that this incident was long forgotten. No such luck. Well tonight she performed and she did so good! I know I am the momma but she was the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world! AND she is damn good for two :) If I can get this video to work I am so gonna upload it!

Still having problems getting the full video to load....check back soon!