Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Swim Lessons

So this is the first year that I have ever taken a child to swim lessons. I remember taking them every summer growing up and of course I want my kids to be good swimmers so Xander was finally old enough to go.

He did not want to get in the water. I pratically had to throw him in the first day...and he latched on to a teacher and she had to pack him around the rest of the hour.

The next day I brought my camera and Kynlee. We bought him his "magic" goggles and tada he loved it. We got Kynlee some goggles too. She was SO sad that she wasn't old enough to start swim lessons. It was really hard the first week. She would have done awesome but I didn't want to do the mommy and me class so Kynlee and I just watched.

Here are some of the cute pictures

Xan didn't pass the first session he took but surprisingly they passed him the second time around!

Way to go Xander!!!