Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Time Flies when you are having fun!
It has been a busy busy couple of months but really that is no excuse to keep my friends and family up to date with our family happenings!
We have so many photos and stories to share! I hope you all notice that I no longer have a 4th of July background for the blog! Yes I said July! I opted for a winter one, although I was more drawn to the Christmas ones. I figure it may just be July again before I get to changing it so I better go with one that can last all winter! And now it it time to change it up again!
With a leap of faith and many prayers to our father in heaven we jumped right in and built the nicest studio this side of Idaho.
With the over whelming success of our first few months it's time to start thinking about a grand opening. Any suggestions as to when? I love that I love my job, my family, and my father in heaven!

Feel free to stop on by! Fun Fun stuff!
Nick is my best friend and partner and I love having him around. We have a new custom frame line called Oooo La La. Stop on in and see them!
Hope you get to see more of me soon. In the mean time here are some random pics of my cute little family!
Love the Jones!