Monday, July 20, 2009

1st Dance Class

Kynlee took her very first dance class today! It was so cute. She loves to dance and will do a dance to anything. She mimmicks SYTYCD, does the cute dance(when I finish her hair) does the naked dance(when she gets out of the tub). She is always dancing. So I took her to Wendy who said that we could try it once for free but that she doesn't really take two year olds. This little clippet was right after they was cute and then my phone died.

(She is the littlest one doing side kicks instead of front kicks)

She really did pretty dang good and after class I went to ask what they thought. They said that she was welcome back, and that she was one of three that she had taken at age 2 in the 20 years she has taught! SA_WEET! I hope she got the McKinlay dance gene!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Malad on the 4th

So there is something really fun about small towns and traditions on the 4th of July. In Malad everyone and their freakin dog, come home to celebrate with family and old friends! We always go there because that is where Nick is from. We love it!

Great Big Bouncer Fun!!!

So we went to Malad for their famous 4th of July celebration. Amongst all the festivities there was a big jumping thing that you could do for 5$'s.

I didn't think that Xan would do it, let alone Kynlee! They both did it and they had a great time!

More to come on the 4th....STAY TUNED!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Camping at Devils Creek

So the family and I went on a mini camp trip to devils creek. Xander has been super excited to try to catch a fish on his new sponge bob fishing pole and was itching to get his pole in the water. Unfortunatly for him, the fish were not very interested in the rubber "plankton" that came as a weight on the end of his pole, so he didn't catch anything but we had fun none the less.

Nick made us some dutch oven dinner and we had a bunch of friends come up and enjoy the evening with us.

4 mosquito bites, 1 lost tie, tons of potty breaks, 0 fish, and lots of pictures! Success!