Sunday, October 23, 2011

It Seriously has been SOOOOOO long!

Tick tock tick tock and my life is just flying by! I wish I would take the extra time to sit down and just post a few images and stories of my family, so that we have something to look back at and remember.

2011 has been full of smiles, trials, and lots of love and I although I don't have the time or energy to recap, I would love to document our little lives. :)

Last week I had one of my friends do our family portraits. It is really hard to push myself ( and Nick) to get them done, but I always feel like if I don't force us to, we would never do it. It's never the right time, I want to be thinner, tanner ,richer...ya know. But I am so glad we did! My kids are as beautiful as ever and I am so very grateful to be their mom!